Felix is a Toronto-based startup dedicated to providing more convenient access to health and wellness. They offer prescription-based lifestyle medication options for birth control, ed, hair loss, and many others.

My Roles

Content Creation

As a content designer at Felix, my responsibility was to create and design a range of digital content, including social media assets and advertising. It was crucial for me to tie the visual system together by combining typography and colours that were in accordance with the Felix brand guideline.


Reorganize colour palette according to the channels

Social Ads

Creating social ads was one of my main priorities at Felix. The ads I created included static and animated versions, highlighting the services and features that Felix offers. To increase relatability of Felix's core value propositions, I always focused on delivering messages that deal with customers' pain points when it comes to getting lifestyle meds. Elements of humour, wit, and short, punch copy was also heavily emphasized to optimize engagement from our target audiences in a short time frame.

Social Content

I developed Felix's social media content strategy over the time I was there. My goal was to extend Felix brand, and to optimize for the Instagram account to effectively deliver our core values. I started by defining the types of content I wanted to pursue - informative and interactive content, while simultaneously enhancing it with icons, colours and images.