"Join the Club" Campaign



"Join the Club" is a marketing campaign I planned and strategized for announcing the launch of skincare community app, Good Skin Club.

My Roles

UX Design
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation

About the Project

Context: Good Skin Club is a community app driven by real skincare enthusiasts. It is an extended project of Reissue, a skincare recommendation platform I co-founded. Good Skin Club aims to provide a better skincare experience both digitally and physically by leveraging a power of community. With the launch of Good Skin Club app, I planned and strategized a launch campaign called “Join the Club” to deliver our core values and message to our target audiences.

Goal: Our main goal for this campaign is increasing interest and brand awareness while acquiring early 200 signed-up users in a month.


In order to create an engaging and interactive marketing campaign, I needed to understand our demographics and psychographic of our target audiences. Through the user interviews I conducted, I was able to understand who they are and what they do when it comes to skincare, and how they would behave with our app.

1) Target Audiences Analysis (demographic)

2) User Journey Map (psychographic)

Persona:  A 24 years old of skincare enthusiast who regularly purchases skincare products and shares reviews on her skincare-dedicated Instagram account.
Scenario: She gets excited about her favorite brand, Glow Recipe’s newly launched product, but she wants to learn more about this product to know if this product would good for her skin by reading enough honest reviews before she makes a purchase.


Based on what I have researched, I found that our target audiences spend most of their time on Instagram for finding and sharing skincare reviews. With that being said, I decided to strategize the marketing campaign specifically optimized for Instagram which can drive user-generated content that can lead conversation about Good Skin Club.  

1) Marketing Opportunities

Good Skin Club not only provides skincare community platform but also brings an entire concept of lifestyle to our users. Thus, I tried to find the way potential users can experience Good Skin Club across from digital to real-life which eventually can be created as content. In order to be aligned with this direction, I came up with an idea of using branded stickers representing our identity and values that people can resonate with. Here are three different ways of using stickers to drive the experience of our target audiences that we design.

2) Objectives for this campaign

a. Make users to understand about what Good Skin Club is and interact with the message we deliver.

b. Make users to get excited about the stickers and share the picture of the it through their social channels.