2018 - Current


Reissue is a skincare recommendation platform that I co-founded in 2018. With over 167K followers, its Instagram account, @re_issue has become the main social channel, closely communicating with users while delivering our core values and mission.

My Roles

Content Creation

As a co-founder and marketing director, I was in charge of acquiring users by delivering our core values and building a strong brand identity. To achieve this goal, I heavily focused on leveraging Instagram as a platform. I created informative, organized yet creative content delivering skincare information on @re_issue. Just with pure content marking alone, on a span of a year, I was able to grow Reissue to 114k Instagram followers and 17k signed-up users with $0 spent in marketing.

Original Content

When it comes to creating original content, my main focus has always been on creating a close relationship with our followers by sharing educative skincare information. I did quantitative and qualitative research on current market trends and consumer behaviour to understand and predict what brands, products and ingredients our followers were most interested in.

1. Informative Content

Checking ingredients in skincare is now regarded as an essential step before making a purchasing decision, but understanding the science behind skincare is still overwhelming and daunting. Thus, I've always tried to deliver information in a more organized, yet clearer way by pairing content with visual elements including illustrations, icons, and colors.

2. Interactive Content

Besides bringing informative content, I also aim to consistently communicate with our followers. It's most important that empathy is the driving factor in achieving relatability with my audiences. It is then my job to communicate visually to bring out the most in our followers for maximum engagement.

Branded Content

I’ve always struggled with the question, “How can I make branded/sponsored content that people really want and enjoy seeing?”. Reissue Labs and our sponsored Instagram Stories are the answers that I came up with as they both solve the problem consumers have with skincare purchasing decisions.

Instagram Posts – Reissue Labs

Buying a newly launched product is an exciting, but a frustrating experience at the same time since people are taking risks to buy a product without enough reviews. From pH tests to moisture level tests, Reissue Labs is a series of content that features a brand’s newly launched products. The content is created based on experiments we actually perform to provide further supplementary information on top of the standard product information we get from brands.